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What is SOLIS?

SOLIS UVC Purification provides a two-step system utilizing UVC light to purify water in its own proprietary lightweight, aluminum bottle. It is a must have for anyone who needs the security of knowing that their drinking water does not contain any harmful bacteria, viruses or sediment.

SOLIS' technology allows customers to fill up their bottle and eliminate all harmful bacteria, viruses and sediment with our lightning-fast 60 second process.

You can drink knowing that 99.9999% of all bacteria has been destroyed with SOLIS' 60-second UVC process.
*Tested and verified by independent laboratories.

The button on top of SOLIS' unique cap activates the UVC LEDs to begin the filtration process. SOLIS bottles are simple to charge with USB charging and last for days!

Peace of Mind Anywhere
SOLIS' UVC dual LEDs are located in the bottle cap, along with a filter, removing all harmful debris at the touch of a button to leave clean, drinkable water, no matter where you are.

The first SOLIS bottle will be available 850ml size, large enough to carry water to last for many outdoor activities, but not so much that the bottle is too heavy. Most water bottles that solely use a carbon-based filter remove only microorganisms. However, with the dual LED and filter system enclosed in the cap, the SOLIS water bottle guarantees that all microorganisms AND viruses will be removed from your water*.
*(Based on testing after 60 seconds of UVC light activation in closed SOLIS aluminum bottle 2019)  

How does it work?

Clean Water

SOLIS' cleverly designed two-part water purification system uses a filtration membrane and a UVC light to ensure that your water is safe to consume in any scenario. First, unlike charcoal based filters, our UVC light kills microorganisms in addition to all viruses. Then, the filtration membrane removes all harmful debris from the water.

Lab results of SOLIS water bottle using two UVC lights to eradicate pathogens.

Initial prototype interior design showing two UVC lights and filtration membrane.


A few years ago, one of our team members was on vacation with her family in Mexico. While on vacation, she was infected with e-coli from the drinking water. She went into kidney failure and was in the hospital for two weeks and almost lost her life as a result of the contaminated water.


We were motivated to create a product that would ensure that everyone would have the ability to have access to clean water wherever they are.

Learn more about Ally, Chase, Dylan and Jeremy when you meet the SOLIS team...


Because of the terrible experience that our team member had, we knew that we needed to come up with a way to ensure that nobody would get sick because of dirty or contaminated water. We know that when someone uses a SOLIS water bottle, they will be able to have confidence in the water that they are drinking and stay healthy while being on the go.


Once the SOLIS bottle is filled, two powerful UVC LED’s eliminate virtually all of the bacteria and viruses suspended in the water. Then, while consuming the water, the second stage filtration membrane removes all harmful debris and sediment from the water. This system ensures LOG 6 purification. That means 99.9999% of micro-organisms will be removed from your drinking water, leaving only clean water for you to consume. All within a 60 second cycle.




We are headed to #SXSWEDU 2020 as 1 of 5 finalists chosen to compete in front of judges on March 11th!


Our idea grew and SOLIS was one of four teams chosen to present at the 2019 Pitch Night. Not only were we awarded BEST PITCH 2019, but we also received start-up funding from outside investors to continue our business!


We have now developed a second prototype and we are currently in our second phase of capital raising as we continue to work on building a successful business.

You can contribute to our gofundme campaign.


What started as a class in our high school business incubator soon ignited an entrepreneurial passion in all four team members. We brainstormed many ideas, but kept coming back to this one problem -- and knew it was the one that we were all passionate about!






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